10 helpful tips for perfecting the splits!

1st Feb 2018

The splits have to be one of the most difficult moves to master without injuring yourself but when achieved comes with the biggest bragging rights!

splits-3.jpgDancers and professionals make it look easy, their flexibility enabling them to place their legs in positions we can only dream about but remember they have had years of practice, train and stretch their bodies every day. Your dream of being able to hit that floor gracefully, legs outstretched either side can be a reality but takes time and persistence.

Although your overall fitness could be paramount for other areas of dancing, flexibility is the most important area for the splits and doesn't happen overnight. Everyone is different and will progress at different rates, people who dance, pole dance, train in martial arts, yogis and gymnasts or people that may have been able to do the splits as a child and generally flexible people will reach the goal faster than those without such a background.

We have put together 10 helpful hints to achieve your goals

1 If you have any injuries or medical conditions, check with your doctor before trying the splits

2 Research and choose a stretching program specifically designed for this purpose or Invest in a stretching coach or attend some local contortion/stretching classes

3 Before engaging in any stretching exercises, warm up thoroughly to avoid muscle injury, a cheat way is to have a hot 30 min shower!

4 Listen to your body, know the difference between good stretch pain and bad stretch pain

5 Stretch at night, your body will be looser than first thing in the morning

6 Bare feet do not slide very well, wear socks to help you slide into position

7 When you think you have reached your limit comfortably, aim for that extra cm, hold the stretch longer and push your pain barrier further

8 Don't put a time frame on your goals, there will be good days and bad days

9 Practice every day, you body will thank you for daily stretching

10 Don't beat yourself up, have fun trying and celebrate when you get there!

Always remember that if you have any injury or any medical condition, seek advise from your doctor before training or attempting the splits.

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