10 things they don't warn dancers about

2nd Sep 2018 Posted by Katie Delante dancer, dancing, dance_clothes, dancer_model,

Wowsers your a dancer, that's amazing i hear your friends and perfect strangers say. You must be so fit and flexible, have lots of clothes, costumes and travel the world meeting rich and famous people! That's the expectation from someone who doesn't dance but the reality is very very different!

Maybe you dream of becoming a dancer because your friends are dancers or you like to dance along with the radio just because you love dancing? Well we need to let you into a few secrets about the real side of dancing, the good the bad and the ugly!

1 Your favourite phrase will be "I can't i have dance!" Have you ever wondered why you don't see your friends outside of school or weekends? Yes that's right, they are at dance classes or competitions!

2 Your choice of summer footwear will have to change! Have you ever seen the feet of Ballerinas? Open toe shoes are NOT an option!

3 You will learn to dress and undress very quickly! Dance costumes are a big part of every performance and one show could mean 10 costume changes!

4 Your counting will start with 5, 5678 instead of 1234

5 You will have million bruises and not know where they came from

6 Bobby pins will be your best friend but maybe not the washing machines!

7 There will be an abundance of embarrassing photos in of you in some pretty ugly costumes to cater for every major family event and milestone birthday

8 One more time never means just once, it will ALWAYS mean until you get it right!

9 Your favourite material will be spandex as most of your dance clothes will be made from it, your hair care and hair accessory collection will be amazing and your make up box will be larger than your mums!

10 You will have the best fun, make the best friends, grow in confidence and stay fit and flexible as a bonus! Go on, give it a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain

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