​How to boost your pole classes and retain your students

10th Sep 2018 Posted by K Flinahay

As adults and especially as women we love the idea of getting fit, strong and sexy. looking our best and making new friends so signing up for pole dancing classes is an easy decision to make. In reality however we are really slack at following through with commitment, life gets busy with work and family or we just lose our focus and move onto the next grand plan. So unless you are fortunate enough to be a high profile studio or have the best and most popular teachers in the industry, pole and dance studio owners need to plan for these events to keep their classes full.

Know your audience and target correctly

With the many different forms of digital marketing around us, you need to know where your students spend most of their time, is it Facebook, maybe its Instagram or Pinterest. Find out and target your advertising in this direction to maximise your budget and widen the audience. You need to advertise where your potential students are.

Motivate your students for retention

Messages can be a great way to motivate your students to come to class. There is a lot of automated software to do this or engage the services of an online service.

The day after their first class a simple text message such as - Hi (student name) hope you enjoyed class last night, you did an awesome job! Hope your not too sore and looking forward to seeing you next week.

The day before the next class - Hi (student name) Its nearly here and we are going to have so much fun in this class, we are going to be learning some new moves that you are going to love, look forward to poling with you!

You can follow up with text messages once a week, if they cancel and when the classes end to encourage signing up for the next sessions.

Make your students feel part of the group

Have some branded merchandise for sale in your pole studio, not only will it make you extra sales and advertise your business to all of their friends, it will make your students feel a part of a very special and elite group of friends. Offer them free pole dancing shorts branded with your studio colours and logo when they sign up for a course of 10 lessons. Juicee Peach provide a bespoke custom studio clothing design service at wholesale prices. They can produce your pole dancing studio shorts, dance crop tops, dance singlets, dance tights and your own designs.

Have social evenings with your students, this can be outside the studio for dinner and drinks or even within the studio putting on a show for their family and friends to see how far they have come since their first lesson.

Have an expert come in and give a talk about fitness and nutrition to show you care about their progress and want to help them achieve their goals and dreams

Be creative and think outside the box, care for your business and your students and they will give you so much in return including a lot of social media coverage!

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