Diva Dance Kinetic Bands


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Diva Dance Kinetic Bands

Medical and Rehabilitation Application

Diva Kinetic Bands (DKBands) along with a product specific training programme developed by your treating Physiotherapist, is a great device that may assist you in injury recovery and rehabilitation. 

Whilst not recommended for use whilst injured, DKBands may assist in your recovery and rehabilitation after injury; especially if you have broken or fractured or torn any of the bones or tendons in your limbs. Used in conjunction with your physiotherapist, simply follow their provided training programmes and re-build the strength, flexibility and shape you may have lost while injured.
​NB: Please consult with your professional health care provider before commencing any rehabilitation programme using DKBands

Dance and Sports Application

Manufacturers and distributors encourage dancers to use Kinetic Bands

How To Improve Fitness and Flexibility
Regardless of how you view dance, art or sport, there is no denying that dancers need good leg, hip, and core strength to perform well. Resistance training with Diva Dance Australia's Kinetic Bands is a great way for dancers to strengthen these areas and improve overall fitness while they train.
The unique design of Kinetic Bands allows for full range of motion so there is no need for a dancer to change their normal workout routine.
Kinetic Bands fit just above the knees so dancers can perform dance moves like kicks, leaps, and jumps and strengthen their legs, hips, hip flexors, glutes, quads, and abs at the same time.

Dancers, gymnasts, cheerleader - You're all athletes -
Can you afford NOT to increase your training with Kinetic Bands? 

Athletes Increase Speed, Agility and Vertical Leap

Athletes utilising kinetic bands will see major improvements in the way they perform building lateral agility as well as explosive sprint speed. By enhancing hip flexor strength as well as glute activation during sport specific training with kinetic bands, athletes of all ages will benefit from the power of kinetic bands.

With hundreds of sport specific drills available FREE on the Internet, you will find the exact drill you need to perform at your best. Just search Youtube for your ideal routine/s.
Build explosive hip flexors. 
Run faster with enhanced muscle recruitment.
Build a more powerful leg drive.
Develop leg strength and quickness.
Enhance Weight Loss and Toning

Those looking to lose weight or enhance their fitness level will find great benefits from using kinetic bands as well. With added resistance added to body weight exercises you challenge both stamina and leg strength. With enhanced muscle recruitment throughout the lower half you will tone your legs, glutes, and lower core during everyday exercises. Training with kinetic bands will push both your weight loss efforts and toning to the next level. 

Elevated heart rate with normal exercise.
Leg Strength & Toning.
Maximize body weight workouts.
Build muscular endurance. 
Shape legs during cardio based training.  

Kinetic Bands Leg Resistance Training- One Set to Fit ALL Sizes -

Some workshops charge $55 or even $60 for a lesser product elsewhere. Don't pay it!

Made to the highest standard, our 9 Piece Leg Resistance Exercise Bands Set has everything you need for a terrific workout that will work every part of your legs, from thighs to calves. It's a great alternative to free weights, and you can mix and match a variety of colour-coded resistance bands to get just the right workout for you.

9 Piece Set
You'll receive a full 9 pieces, including a pair each of coloured resistance bands, 2 high-quality leg straps, with thick padding for comfort and a handy waterproof travel pouch for carrying the entire set on the go.

Diva Dance Australia's Leg Resistance Bands are a great training tool for athletes of all ages. With three different resistance level included, youths as well as advanced users will find the right level of resistance.

The body's legs are what help burn calories and the tools athletes use to excel in sports. Resistance training has been used to strengthen leg muscles for decades, but never before has there been something so convenient as our Kinetic Bands.

Simply wrap each leg resistance band around your legs and clip the two resistance bands together and your leg muscles will begin to fire. Every movement, whether it be isolated toning exercises or explosive sprint training drills, Diva's Kinetic Leg Resistance Bands will give you the results you want, fast!

You will get:
Travel Bag
Set of Comfort Leg Straps 
Red Set of Light Resistance Bands
Yellow Set of Medium Resistance Bands 
Green Set of Moderate Resistance Bands

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